From our natural curiosity comes exploration. Exploration leads to discovery. And from that discovery comes new technology. But in our technology, there’s resemblance to nature in the things we build. They exist uniquely in the context of their environment. But that environment is everything. It makes us all who we are. And as a collective, we have the shot of a lifetime to preserve something beautiful with the world around us. But we’re off to a horrible start. Our exploration is multifaceted in colonization, and technology, as we all know, is rooted in violence. We’re destroying our forests and oceans. What happens if these patterns don’t change?
The answer for me to address this issue was a narrative. In this short film, (not fully publicly available), we visit the past, the future, and you’ll hear and see how my the painstaking audio layering, graphics, photoshop, voice recording,  and illustrations, all brought this to light. What is it about these very different sets of images and settings that unifies them? How did I design my way though a problem to communicate something to people? Who are we as civilization? And what will be become of us?

This project is the culmination of a large, complex, and massively detailed process. There will be more to come for context in the near future. As I've said, while months of effort went into the graphics, image layering, sound design and even more painstaking hours of compositing, developing the concept was just the same. But that’s a bigger story for later...
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