I've had to teach myself that I'm allowed to be happy and proud for the work I get to be a part of. Some of that lighthearted pride shows in my explanations and case studies. We all have to establish a voice in life, no matter our age or experience. I recently lost my two closest friends, and it rendered me voiceless. As time has passed, I've relied on those around me to learn to raise my voice through traveling the world, and taking photos of the places I couldn't take them. I've learned that getting lost is part of what brings me joy; in work, and on my own.
The reality is, here at home in the Silicon Valley, I'm surrounded by a ridiculous pool of talent, and so many compassionate and skilled designers. They've shared their time, trust, and wealth of experience to teach me all I know. Waddling into this strange new field of design, I still, (and always will), have a world to learn. And in it, I have nothing left but love to give.
Take a look at my Instagram; my passion for life lies heavily in photography. You can learn a great bit about me from the places I've been. All of it's taken either with Moment lenses on my iPhone(s), or 35mm film.

BOOTS  |  2004 - 2018

pluto  |  2016 - 2018